Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Ideas for Paintings! Help me come up with Trees.

Happy Spring everyone!  In celebration of this beautiful season, I've started a new series on trees.  I'd love your help coming up with new ideas.

What sort of tree would you like to see?

Here are a few of my future ideas, but I would love a longer list:

cloud tree (in progress)
snow tree
tulip tree
upside down tree

 you can shut your eyes and think...

what is the first kind of tree you see?
is there a tree that represents you?

it doesn't have to be a real tree.

the trees in England are in full bloom and smell amazing.

perhaps there are trees where you live that only grow in your part of the world...

I love taking a moment to reflect on all the beautiful trees that give us oxygen and shade and a place for the birds to nest.



  1. more ideas...

    balloon tree
    childhood tree
    fire tree

  2. I was just going to comment fire tree, but you got that already! How about moldy tree? Mmm, tasty :)

  3. hahaha, that's a good one Jessica ;o) love it!!!!

  4. I Love Willow trees Brienna! :)

  5. You do amazing work!

  6. My favorite tree is the one on the corner of my driveway, it's a beachwood tree on the edge of a 150 year old rock wall, with ivy that climbs all the way up =)

  7. Lucy, aren't willow trees just exquisite, such a wonderful idea!

    megansbeadeddesigns, thank you so much!

    Dazzling Adornments, ohhhh, you described it so beautifully... ivy crawling up it, sounds gorgeous. This is definitely giving me new ideas. Thank you!

    Lesley, that is the sweetest idea ever!!!! ;o)

    Thank you all for such wonderful new ideas, feel free to keep posting, I can always use more!!!


  8. Great ideas :) I have a couple too: a Sun tree, a dogwood, a teatree,
    and I also thought a comet tree could be cool?

  9. SuzyJaneB, ohhh, such fantastic ones! I have this lovely vision of a comet shower, or a tea tree (as though it were a tea party in the branches... I absolutely adore this). Thank you so much!!!! I will have to start painting these.


  10. so, my husband and I were coming up with a few new ideas last night and I had a good laugh because after he mentioned Stone tree, I jokingly said well, what about Wood tree (mentioning the obvious, of course... but maybe that would stand out amidst all these really bizarre ones right)

  11. A bird tree!
    Love your cloud tree!

  12. Ohhhh, yes, I love it bstudio! So thrilled you like the cloud tree ;o)... I see feathers in the tree now, brilliant!



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