Friday, 1 July 2011


OH my goodness, I have gotten tumblr-ized!                   

Art School Grad has convinced me that I should get involved with as many online networking sites as possible including deviantARTzazzleEtsy (of course), Twitter, and Facebook... not to mention youTubeLinkedIn, and the millions of art sites out there.                                                                      

Does anyone else wonder just how they can juggle so many sites including their own personal website?!

So here are a few tips I'm making for myself (and for everyone who can benefit):

1) link everything (Twitter and Facebook often allow apps that post automatically to their status updates)

2) include buttons/badges on everything (I love my little hyperlinks)

3) test out which sites get the most traffic and focus on those

4) embed html code (or widgets) of your top sites onto your less-visited sites so that if someone does frequent it, they'll see that you're posting away on a different place and go there too

5) take a break and make more art (man my fingers are cramping, hah... I'm going to take my own advice)!

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