Friday, 1 July 2011


OH my goodness, I have gotten tumblr-ized!                   

Art School Grad has convinced me that I should get involved with as many online networking sites as possible including deviantARTzazzleEtsy (of course), Twitter, and Facebook... not to mention youTubeLinkedIn, and the millions of art sites out there.                                                                      

Does anyone else wonder just how they can juggle so many sites including their own personal website?!

So here are a few tips I'm making for myself (and for everyone who can benefit):

1) link everything (Twitter and Facebook often allow apps that post automatically to their status updates)

2) include buttons/badges on everything (I love my little hyperlinks)

3) test out which sites get the most traffic and focus on those

4) embed html code (or widgets) of your top sites onto your less-visited sites so that if someone does frequent it, they'll see that you're posting away on a different place and go there too

5) take a break and make more art (man my fingers are cramping, hah... I'm going to take my own advice)!


  1. Great post, Brienna! I'm having a hard time keeping up with facebook, web site, etsy and full time job. I don't know how you do it all (although now I have some clues!!)
    Number 5 is still the most important, without dedicated studio time, there's nothing new to post and all of the above become stale. (Plus, why are we artists if we don't like to be in a studio painting!!)
    Even though it's 80 and sunny for the first time in weeks I'm going to try to spend four hours painting. Hmmmmmm.....not sure this will work!

  2. I cannot seem to figure out how to add buttons! And not all sites seem to accept widgets. Does FB? Thanks! A fellow etsian - angel9

  3. Great tips! thanks from a new follower!:)~Davs

  4. Hi there, Brienna!

    Coming over from Etsy success!

    Great post and great tips! Linking is a MUST! Otherwise our poor little brains and fingers and all the people in our lives who are being so patient with us would just give up waiting for us to get off the computer!

  5. Marcia, aw, yes, it's definitely tricky, and you are absolutely right!!! Studio time is the MOST important... I think now I should reorder the list to include it first, hahaha ;o). Happy painting!

    Angela, so glad you asked. It depends on what site your adding them to; do you have a website or blog that you can add HTML code? FB only allows website links as of now, but you can set up a BizzBizz site on FB like here: and here: - additionally buttons are something you can make or collect - at the side of this blog you'll notice I have the code for the Twitter "follow me" button and then I created my own button by using an image I made and then making it a hyperlink to the site. Let me know if you have anymore questions and so glad you visited.

    DAVS, yay, so excited you found it helpful ;o)

    Kelly, thrilled you visited, Etsy Success is such a great resource ;o)!!! Hah, yes, Linking is definitely a must, and spending time with people in real time is SO important... we could get sucked into virtual land otherwise! Sometimes I log off all my accounts and turn the computer off just to give myself time alone with my husband!!!!


  6. Great advice! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  7. ;o) so glad it could be helpful MadScientistsDesigns ;o)



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