Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Porcelain paintings - Collaboration with Monika Diamantopoulou

I met an extraordinary porcelain artist on Etsy named Monika Diamantopoulou.  She lives in Greece and hand makes lovely porcelain creations ranging from earrings to espresso cups.  We bonded over our love of art and animals (black cats to be exact, as she was caring for two rescue kittens as seen below and I have a neighborhood cat of a similar "squeezable" cuteness who has stolen my heart).  Monika says she couldn't have done it without the help of her daughter Marianna, as baby kitties are quite a handful!

Porcelain painting projects developed as did our friendship (and the kittens grew).  I laugh every time I see the "Buns with Guns" drawings on her many masterpieces as they are both delicate and tough (just like her white porcelain).


Monika fires the art print to adhere the image of my paintings and drawings permanently into the glaze.  She also creates the sterling silver findings and puts together the coordinating hand-dyed necklace cords.

 And the kittens are growing up so fast, as our collaborations are expanding!

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