Monday, 16 April 2012

The "ugly-duckling" crow

Crow Mill - click to check availability
I started drawing the crow in the car during our weekend driving adventure through the English countryside.  Afraid the bird was looking a bit too "ugly-duckling" (and everyone who's ever drawn knows this stage), I put the image away hoping for a fresher perspective later.

I broke it out again late last night while my husband was reading and by the time I finished he was sound asleep by my side and I was still struggling to put down the crow.

This morning I touched up the whites and decided it was (drum roll please) done.

It's by no means at its "swan" phase, but crows are meant to be a bit ugly (and maybe a little grouchy too) right?  I imagine I would be if I had a windmill strapped to my back.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Drawing Fly Mobiles in the Car to Dover Castle

Fly Mobiles - click to check availabilty
On the way to Dover Castle and our many historic stops along the way, I decided I had to draw a fly mobile.  This quickly became a pair, as flies tend to have traveling companions.  I thought the second fly should be really tiny, struggling to keep up with his friend and trying to prove himself with an even larger cargo... aw poor little guy.  See how he's sinking further down the page and his itty-bitty wings are going into overdrive. 

The ride was bumpy and I risked ruining the drawing with every turn, but thankfully I not only managed to keep the image intact, I also didn't get carsick!  That never happens.  I must have been so engrossed in the drawing that I forgot we were going 70 miles per hour. 

When we got home, I added the clouds, but otherwise everything was handdrawn in the car on a very lovely day out castle-hunting.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Coloring in an ocean on salmon colored paper

Octopus Steam Sail Ship - check availability
I completely destroyed my colored pencils in the process, but I think I'm finally done (based on how my hand is cramping, I really must be done)!  Continuing with the Victorian Hybrid series, I decided a steam/sail ship (a hybrid of its own) tied to an octopus seemed like the obvious next step.  And on pink(ish) paper no less, okay boys, it's salmon colored.  I very quickly regretted coloring in the entire ocean, but thankfully I'm terribly stubborn and plowed onward despite the constant breakage of my colored pencils.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Victorian Hybrids - a more fuel-efficient car

Here's a hybrid that is truly fuel-efficient... I think it not only resembles my own little car, but it's probably more reliable too, that is until the beetle decides to roll over and play dead.  Alright, onto more Victorian hybrids, I'm feeling a bit "mad scientisty" today creating all sorts of bizarre contraptions (okay, tying a really old-timey car to a beetle with a bit of string isn't so much of a contraption as a weird pairing of things that might share the same name, but I'm still going to play up the mad-scientist roll).

Monday, 9 April 2012

A tale of two drawings: bumble bee carriages

Bee Steam Carriage - click here to check availability

In a state of frustration last night I ended up leaving two unfinished concepts in my studio.  This morning I realized I should finish both, seeing as I couldn't decide which way to take the drawing I explored all of my ideas to completion. 

The little bumble bee was so tiny I thought he needed a little help from a steam-powered train car.  The tri-carriage was rather top heavy so I added more strings and wires for support. 

Bee Multi-story Carriage - click here to check availability
The larger bumble bee was carrying such a tiny carriage, so I decided to make it multi-storied to keep it grounded... otherwise he might just take off and spill out all the people!

I kept asking my husband if the little carriages looked "believable" and he kept reassuring me that if they were being carried by giant bumble bees I could get away with them looking a bit fantastic.  Now that it's morning I realize how silly a question it was.

To see more drawings, click here.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fish Balloon

A cloudy grey morning inspired me to break out my colored pencils and draw "Fish Balloon."  My little Victorian studio and the heavy humidity, plus my researching the wild contraptions of yesteryear were bound to create something of the sort... a hot air balloon fish, why of course that could be, anything is possible on mornings such as this one.

Fish Ballon, original drawing on paper, 9" x 12" (click to check availability)
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