Sunday, 15 April 2012

Drawing Fly Mobiles in the Car to Dover Castle

Fly Mobiles - click to check availabilty
On the way to Dover Castle and our many historic stops along the way, I decided I had to draw a fly mobile.  This quickly became a pair, as flies tend to have traveling companions.  I thought the second fly should be really tiny, struggling to keep up with his friend and trying to prove himself with an even larger cargo... aw poor little guy.  See how he's sinking further down the page and his itty-bitty wings are going into overdrive. 

The ride was bumpy and I risked ruining the drawing with every turn, but thankfully I not only managed to keep the image intact, I also didn't get carsick!  That never happens.  I must have been so engrossed in the drawing that I forgot we were going 70 miles per hour. 

When we got home, I added the clouds, but otherwise everything was handdrawn in the car on a very lovely day out castle-hunting.

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