Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kitten painting needs a home

Portrait of two kittens duct taped together and thrown into a garbage can
Here's a favorite piece I left in the states when we came to England and it's currently on sale (50% off) in my shop

I painted this kitten piece at the beginning of graduate school, after hearing a terrible story of two pets (puppies or kittens, I remember hearing both versions) being duct taped and tossed in a garbage can.  I was told the little creatures were later rescued, thankfully, but the feelings it left me with needed to be painted.  

I used my own childhood image as the kittens' faces as if I was the one being thrown away.  I thought the light being cast into bin might convey a sense of the kittens' purity and hope of being loved again.  Don't worry little kittens, someone will find you.

To see more of the Animals with Human Faces series click here.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Finding a home for all my bettas

As we continue to move around the world, my artwork must find homes in each country we visit.  Now that we're living in England, I have several paintings left behind in the US and so I'm currently marking my two larger fish pieces 50% off in my shop.

Male and Female Betta - click to check availability
The male and female betta painting was inspired by the parallel between the separation of betta genders and our own separation between men and women.  I also painted this piece at a time when my fiancé (now husband) and I were going to school in different states, so the work has personal significance.  It was a wonderful surprise to also find an actual pet store product in the shape of a heart coincidentally hanging above the contained creatures.

Water Dyed Blue - click to check availability

The larger fish eye painting was an expansion on the panel work below, bringing the viewer into the world of the betta.

Click to see a slideshow of more of the work.

Fish Eye IV
Fish Eye II
I am hoping to donate the smaller more experimental mixed media pieces perhaps to an aquarium so that they can be enjoyed together as a group rather than stored away.  I combined layers of my painting with my digital photography to explore the betta perspective.

Fish Eye III
Fish Eye VII
Fish Eye VIII

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