Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kitten painting needs a home

Portrait of two kittens duct taped together and thrown into a garbage can
Here's a favorite piece I left in the states when we came to England and it's currently on sale (50% off) in my shop

I painted this kitten piece at the beginning of graduate school, after hearing a terrible story of two pets (puppies or kittens, I remember hearing both versions) being duct taped and tossed in a garbage can.  I was told the little creatures were later rescued, thankfully, but the feelings it left me with needed to be painted.  

I used my own childhood image as the kittens' faces as if I was the one being thrown away.  I thought the light being cast into bin might convey a sense of the kittens' purity and hope of being loved again.  Don't worry little kittens, someone will find you.

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